“Growing up in Vienna, with its classical music tradition, it was difficult being taken seriously for wanting to become a contemporary singer.” read the full interview on Voyage LA


“Marie Lang debuts her sensational new single ‘Don’t Make Me’ in collaboration with Brooklyn producer Ian Bakerman. The pre-chorus brings together flawless vocals, an infectious beat and an atmospheric melody which will have you grabbed for days.” Purple Melon



“with silky-smooth vocals and enchanting R&B-soul production from Ian Bakerman, this piece has all of the ingredients to launch Lang’s solo career.” Hillidilly



“Featuring vocalist mar|co, “Oh No” takes soul and R&B as ingredients, and maintains that smoothness we love Lok for to churn out a final product that is groovy at its best.” Earmilk



“the most unique flip of the Carmack stems was done by future pop duo mar|co, who floated their dreamy vocals over the downtempo minute-long banger.” Run The Trap




“Clean vocals accompany a laid back chord progression with an ethereal harp strum that make this tune fit for time travel. The nostalgic and romantic lyrics also deserve recognition, painting a picture of love manifesting in a strong embrace.” Sound of Boston